General Memberships

Any individual residing or employed in Montgomery County, Maryland is eligible to become a General Member of the Committee for Montgomery.

All General Members must pay and be current in dues (which are the same as Board Member dues).

The Board of Directors may set further qualifications, limits and requirements.

General Members receive notice of all Board of Directors meetings and all CFM programs, and may participate subject to the rules set by the Executive Committee; General Members do not have the right to vote at meetings of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

he members of the Board of Directors are chosen from the following categories:

  • Five affiliated with civic groups;
  • Five affiliated with business groups;
  • Five affiliated with labor groups;
  • Five affiliated with educational groups;
  • Five affiliated with non-profit groups;
  • Eight affiliated with miscellaneous groups;
  • Six Members-at-large without any stated affiliation.
  • One affiliated with a student group; and
  • The immediate past chair shall be an ex officio member unless he or she continues to serve in one of the above categories.

The Board of Directors represent as broad a spectrum as possible of people who live or work in Montgomery County. Broad representation should reflect the cultural, demographic, racial/ethnic and geographic diversity of the County.

The Executive Committee determines the appropriate affiliations of each category of membership. To change the category of the organization with which an individual is affiliated requires a majority vote of members present at a regular meeting of the Executive Committee.

Members of the Board of Directors who are affiliated with a membership organization shall be the president of that organization, or be the president's designee and occupy a high-level position with the organization.

Individuals wishing to serve on the Board should notify the Nomination Committee. The Nominating Committee takes into consideration the diversity of the County and makes nominations to the membership at the May meeting. Other nominations may be made from the floor at the May meeting. Board Members in attendance at the Annual Meeting in June will vote on the nominees and those receiving a majority vote are elected to a two-year term. Members may serve more than one term. Vacancies may be filled for interim terms until the next annual meeting by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

All Board members or their organizations (if designated by the Board member) pay dues, subject to the rules set by the Executive Committee

Annual Committee for Montgomery Membership Dues:

  • General Membership - $50
  • Board of Directors
    • A volunteer representative of a non-profit organization, or who is joining on his/her own - $200
    • Member who has joined as a paid representative of an organization or business with revenues at or below $1M - $350
    • Paid representative of an organization or business with revenues at or above $1M or more - $750

All past chairs will be given the opportunity to serve as non-voting members of the Board. Past chairs serving in this capacity are not required to pay dues.