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Committee for Montgomery is a coalition of leaders representing a broad cross-section of Montgomery County business, labor, education, civic and community-based organizations. Our mission is to advocate in Annapolis on issues of importance to Montgomery County and the State. Through our membership, CfM represents more than 350,000 Montgomery County voters.

While its membership is diverse and reflects a broad spectrum of political views, CfM members unite in support of its priorities, which include: education, health, economic development, fiscal responsibility and transportation. CfM shapes its state legislative and budget priorities based on its goal of preserving and strengthening Montgomery County as a place to live, work and learn.



Annual Legislative Breakfast 2019: Friday, December 13, 2019

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, 5701 Marinelli Rd, Rockville, MD 20852

2018-19 Events

ANNUAL MEETING 2019 PROGRAM: “Nothing to be Scared of? Finding the Funding for the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future”

A conversation with experts about the funding challenges ahead

Advocacy Day in Annapolis: February 27, 2019

Testimony on SB1030 The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future

Click here to find your find your legislative district and the names of your elected representatives

Missed the Breakfast? Watch the recorded FB Livestream on YouTube courtesy Montgomery Community Media

Highlights from past years

2017: Gubernatorial Candidate Debate


Senator Chris Van Hollen speaks at the 2016 Legislative Breakfast

2015: Committee for Montgomery Requests Blue Ribbon Commission to Study Increasing Election Participation in Maryland, View POlicy Proposal

 Blue Ribbon Commission on Voting, Openness, Transparency, and Equality (VOTE) in Elections.  

View Bill SB0680 and HB0997

View Testimony on Bill HB0997

Committee for Montgomery brings together diverse segments of Montgomery County. Board member organizations include:


Find out about our organization, mission, and purposes.

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 Legislative Breakfast

Our signature annual event, which has been called, "The official beginning of the legislative session for Montgomery County."

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